Thursday, September 16, 2010

The LPO Boom

The legal processes of rich countries promise the next outsourcing windfall for countries like India and the Philippines. As corporations and legal firms in the US, Europe and Australia cut overhead costs, legal jobs, such as electronic document management, are expected to shift offshore. India, due to its sheer size, is set to grab a big part of the legal process outsourcing (LPO) pie that is expected to rise at 40 percent annually.

“Over the next five years there could be close to 20,000 LPO jobs in the country,

LPO - the hot new trend in the legal field

LPO is the hot new trend in the legal field that allows law firms and corporations to obtain operational support and services from outside providers rather than internally. This process has demonstrated huge growth in the past few years within the United States and the UK, and offers a unique path for companies to get the services that they need, including document review, legal research, patent services, and drafting of pleadings and legal briefs.

Countries like India and the Philippines have proven to be very successful in this area, offering their services to anyone who needs them. The main purpose of legal process outsourcing is to cut costs dramatically and have the same quality of work done for less money. So far, it has been a successful endeavor.